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Deadly Runway

Wild Lights, USA, 2018
AKA: Fatal Fashion, Designed to Kill
Director: Doug Campbell
Writer: David Chester
Cast: Joshua Hoffman, Linsey Godfrey, T.J. Hoban, Heather Hopkins, Stevie Johnson, Jamie Luner, Ellen Michelle Monohan, Maria Pallas, Diana Popick, Zachary Roozen, Paul Toweh

OMG. This is so bad, and I don’t even understand how it can be labeled a Horror. It has the pace and the look of a 80’s made for television film.

David is the school nerd, but the new teacher miss Higgins (who is also a fashion photographer) sees his potential and get him restyled, redressed (and undressed – or at least half dressed) for a private photoshoot one night. She sells some of the pictures to a fashion magazine and over night the nerd is a model.

All of a sudden David is very popular, but miss Higgins has developed an obsession over him and won’t let anyone take him away from her. Not girlfriends, not professional agents and not even his own mother. At night she even touches her self to his pictures.

We learn that miss Higgins has a history of mental illness, she has had numerous affairs with her male models and broken upp with them very violently. A year ago she pulled a knife on her boyfriend/model at a photoshoot in front of vitnesses. One of her former boyfriends died when he was in a traffic accident caused by her taking pictures of him while he was driving.

When David finally sees the real miss Higgins she ties him up, and forces his girlfriend Caitlyn to whip him with an electrical cord.

My verdict: 1 out of 10 (and that’s more than it deserves).