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Unearthed Films, Japan, 2018
Director: Takashi Hirose
Writer: Takashi Hirose
Cast: Katrina Grey, Asami, Iona, Ayano, Takashi Nishina, Shigeo Ôsako, Butch, Yukihiro Haruzono, Rina Kadô, Momoko Katô, Naho Nakashima, Dodo, Nanako Ohata, Shinsuke Kato, Hell Bell, Yukino Arimoto, Takaaki Satô, Ayumi Mizukoshi, Yamadaman.

Brutal is a love story. Some of You may not see it that way, but it is. It’s brutal, full of blood, violence and killings, but still it is.

A savage killer brings young women to his home where he kills them in different ways three or four at the time. When done he chops them up and cooks them. He seems to have some deranged reason for doing this, and sadly keeps repeating how nobody understands him or what he’s doing. We don’t really get to now a lot about him. He doesn’t talk much and it doesn’t really matter who he is or why he is the person he is.

Most talking is done by this young couple who happens to be in the store when he goes shopping or in the street when he goes for a walk. They aren’t really involved in the story but have deep discussions about relationships, whats male or female and things like that. As a contrast to all the blood and violence they are very cute and normal.

In a parallell story we follow a female version of the killer. She picks up men and seems to prefer to stab their groins with knives. Well, with two killers like these operating in the same area, sooner or later they are bound to bump into each other.

Brutal isn’t for everyone. It may look like “torture porn” but behind the blod and the bodyparts there is something deeper. The violence is extreme, even exaggerated to the point of comedy some times. Brutal is short, only 67 minutes, but I think most viewers find this enough.

My verdict: 5 out of 10.