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B&S about Movies
We got married and put together our DVD collections. Then we just kept adding to it. Then we started a podcast. Then we decided to share even more of what we love about movies here.

The B-Horror Blog
Welcome to the B-Horror Blog! Here we hope to entertain and educate all our guests with everything to do with horror movies from the surprising to the absolute worst of the worst.
Welcome to, a website dedicated to the celebration and appreciation of the worst, most maligned films ever created. It’s our goal to raise awareness of these obscure, bizarre, and (in our opinion) wonderful little films, so together we can revel in the cheap sets, delight in the silly rubber monsters, and take obscene pleasure in the laughable special effects that only these so-called “bad movies” can offer.
The goal of any movie is to entertain. This might sound strange, but who cares if a movie is poorly acted and filled with ridiculous special effects? What matters is if the movie keeps you entertained. The site’s whole reason for being is to celebrate the quirky films that I find so enjoyable. Well, most of them are enjoyable. Some of the movies I watch cause me quite a bit of pain, but I love them anyway. Since we always hurt the ones we love, I will assume that the movies are loving me right back.

Black Hole Reviews
Since 2005, BLACK HOLE REVIEWS recommends movies – horror, sci-fi, cult, Euro, US, Japanese, silent, monster… without spoilers, but with photos.
HORROR MOVIES ON THE MIND? WE CAN DIG IT! Horror Movies, Horror Movie Trailers and Horror Movie Reviews are our main focus. However, we also are into Horror Fiction and Horror Fiction Reviews. If Interviews are your thing… we have those too. Check out our Horror Editorials for ravings from our staff. If it is horror or sci-fi related, chances are we have something to your liking. We are, we are everything that is horror!