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The Barn

The Barn

Nevermore Production Films/Nevermore Production Studios, USA, 2016
Director: Justin M. Seaman
Writer: Justin M. Seaman
Cast: Mitchell Musolino, Will Stout, Lexi Dripps, Cortland Woodard, Nikki Howell, Nickolaus Joshua, Linnea Quigley, Ari Lehman, Ryan Nogy, David Hampton, James Weldon, Justin M. Seaman, Rik Billock, Elyse Alberts, Hunter Amos, Jon Bailey, James Baker, Matt Starr Bores, Ted Boyko, Cheyenne Burnsworth, Colton Burnsworth, Paula Burnsworth, Rodney Burnsworth, Dakota Corwin, Tyler Denman, Stephen Dixon, Linda Emeterio, Anna Fajerski, Dave Fresch, John Garrett, Linda Garrett, Brian Gault, Jedediah Giacchino, Sable Griedel, Susie Johnson, Linda Loughman, Jordan Main, Jeramey Pelzer, Michael Prutzman, Johnny Relich, Mark J. Reyes, Cheryl Seaman, Tanya R. Seaman, Douglas Sikora, Clay Sismour, Nicholas Sprowls, Jeremiah Startare, Jacob Stone, Ryan Sullivan, Clarissa Teagarden, Jeremy Teagarden, Megan Teagarden, Ethan Turner, Keith Uram, Christopher Vertosick, Jonathan Vertosick, Darby Zerbini, Rachel Kyslow

Wheary Falls, 1959. It’s halloween and there is an evening meeting in the church. The preacher reminds everyone that Wheary Farms is off limits. Since Rik Billock, who plays the preacher, has past experiences width zombies I would probably have listened, but of course little Shirley has to drag her friend George there anyway and go knocking three times on the barn door saying “Trick or treat, smell my feet”, and awakening the three demons who are buried there.

30 years later (that would make it 1989) everyone is wearing jeans jackets and 19 years old Sam and Josh scare the younger kids by telling them the legend of the barn and the three demons, The Miner Boogeyman, Hallowed Jack the pumpkin man and The Candycorn Scarecrow, and the rules of trick or treating. From TV-show host Dr. Rock (played by the original Jason Vorhees, Ari Lehman) Sam and Josh learn that their favourite band Demon Inferno is doing a surprise concert on Halloween not far from their town. Together with Michelle (Sam’s secret crush), Chris & Nikkie, and Russel they set out towards the Demon Inferno concert, but takes a shortcut through the woods. They plan on stoping in the first town they come to for som Trick or Treating, and the first town they comes to is.. Deathville. Well the real name of the town is Wheary Falls but the road they are on has been blocked by a fence.

They ignore the “No trespassing” signs and climb over the fence into a pumpkin patch. They talk for a while and Sam tells them of the rules of trick or treating so they dare him to knock on the door of the old barn not far from where they parked their van. Unfortunately it is not just a barn, but the barn, and they wake the demons. Sam, Josh and Michelle takes of to town to trick or treat, Chris and Nikki puts up a tent for some sex and Russel stays in the barn to see if he can find out what the weird stench in there comes from.

There is a lot of talk about the rules of Halloween and of the importance of following them, and The Barn follows the rules of 80’s slashers. The black kid alwas gets killed first (if You don’t count little Shirley in, but that was 30 years ago) and anyone having sex dies. Michelle is a good girl and most probably still a virgin so she is the “last girl”. Nikki on the other hand looses her top far to easy to be alowed to live.

The Barn is a low budget film. You can tell sometimes, but despite some bad acting and some cheaplooking effects and costumes I still like it. Compared to some of the rest of the low budget filmes I’ve seen recently The Barn comes out on top. The story isn’t very original but more like a standard slasher from the 80’s, and that’s OK. The people behind The Barn doesn’t try to pretend it’s anything else. In fact they market the film as a 80’s slasher made today. They managed to get Lehman, Billock and Linnea Quigley to participate and the film was crowdfounded. I suppose the people behind The Barn are true horrorfans themselves and their effort should be applauded. Also, music is great.

There is a sequel in the making and I for one have high expectations and am gonna keep my eyes open for it.

I have one question, though. Who is Rachel Kyslow? She stands out in her performance, playing the not so small part of Nikki’s Boobs. I can’t find her on either IMDb or Google, so who is she, and will she be back for the sequel?

My verdict: 6 out of 10.

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