Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Darko Entertainment, USA, 2016
Director: Casey Tebo
Writer: Casey Tebo
Cast: Tristin Mays, Vanessa Lengies, Erik Palladino, Matthew Willig, Inanna Sarkis, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Matt Bush, Steven Tyler, Britne Oldford, Robert Miano, David A. Garcia, Carlos Ayala, Juan Jose Dubon, Rey Borge, Michael Anthony Perez, Riley Litman, Bernardo Verdugo, Diahann Elise, Stevie Salas, Geno Monteiro, Cassandra Bautista, Gene Minero, Dominic Quarto, Edward Cadena

On his birthday Brady finds out his girlfriend has cheated on him. His friend Tommy talks him into taking a trip to Mexicali, to drink, take drugs and maybe find some mexican girls to make Brady forget about his sorrows.

They meet Katie and Lucia who warns them of El Gato Enfermo, the mean leader of the local cartel. He is known for kidnapping young americans for ransom. Brady is an orphan who grew up in an orphanage so he jokes about being safe since he has no relatives to pay his ransom. The girls have to leave but Katie sugests they should meet up later that night to party.

Next the boys run into Texican and his big cousin El Caballo. They offer to guide the boys and keep them safe for a small fee of course. They to warns them for the cartel and for El Gato. They take the boys to a cockfight where they meet this aztek shaman (Steven Tyler from Aerosmith) who gives them some very powerful drugs. They end up in a stripclub and things start to get very weird.

They lose Texican and El Caballo but runs into Katie and Lucia again and they decides to go with the girls to their hotel room. When they get there, they end up in a bed each with a girl each but then things turn ugly. Brady and Tommy gets tied up and beaten. The girls work for El Gato and was planning on kidnapping the boys all along. They drug them and when Brady wakes up Tommy is gone.

The girls tell him Tommy died and his body has been dumped in a container. This wasn’t supposed to happen and they are afraid it will piss their boss off. They will let Brady go as soon as his family has paid his ransom. Brady realises his in deep shit since Tommy was the one width loaded parents and he hasn’t got anyone.

Happy Birthday is like a rollercoaster ride. There are twists and turns to the story all the time and You can’t really trust anyone since noone seems to be who they pretend to be.

It’s a wild and entertaining story. The only problem I had with it was that some of the twists were a little bit predictable.

My verdict: 5 out of 10.

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