Boggy Creek

Boggy Creek Productions, Inkbug Entertainment, Studio 3 Entertainment, USA, 2010
Director: Brian T. Jaynes
Writer: Brian T. Jaynes, Jennifer Minar
Cast: Melissa Carnell, Texas Battle, Stephanie Honoré, Damon Lipari, Shavon Kirksey, Cory Hart, Carl Savering, Frederic Doss, Grant James, Denise Williamson, Sarah Jenazian, Juli Erickson, Julin, Cody Callahan, Lyn Carmony, Bryan Massey, Jenny Shakeshaft, David Ford, Ryan Harlan, Camila De Campos.

Men and animals are turning up dead, mutilated, and girls are going missing in and around the swamps of Boggy Creek. The locals don’t really want to talk about it and the police keeps a lid on it calling it traffic accidents, hit and runs etc.

Jennifers father dies in an accident and leaves her his cabin in the area. She used to live there as a child and decides to bring some friends and go there. They are planning to stay for a week, but the locals aren’t very friendly, the neighbour goes out at night hunting for something and people continue to disappear.

The neighbour tells Jen about the monster who took his wife one night. He believes Bigfoot kills the men but abducts the women for breeding, and has been trying to hunt him down ever since.

First hour is slow with a lot of flashbacks of Jens childhood, but then finally despite the Bigfoot legend, and despite people disappearing or turning up dead and mutilated, Jen and her friends decides to go camping. Now the bodycount starts…

Acting is decent, the creatures are hairy and ugly but look OK, but the film gives sort of a “flat” impression, if You know what I mean. It’s not very bad, but rather “average”. It’s not very scary, there’s no surprises and we’ve seen it all before.

My verdict: 4 out of 10.

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