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Pat Weird

Pat Weird or at least my internet persona.
A weird little bunny – That’s me.

My name is Weird, Pat Weird. I like Dom Perignon and Bollinger, but I prefer my Vodka Martini stirred, not shaken.

As long as I can remember I’ve been in love with movies in general and horror movies in particular. When I was really young I wasn’t allowed to watch them but was put to bed. I knew my parents were up to something I wasn’t supposed to know about and I sometimes tried to hide somewhere, or sneak up on them, so I could get a glimpse of what they were watching.

Eventually I was allowed to join them in the sofa in front of the TV, but every time it was getting scary my mum would tell my dad to hold his hands in front of my eyes so I never got to see the real scary parts. I absolutely hated this cause I wanted to see what happened and since I had to guess it only got worse in my fantasies than it really was.

In summer when there was no school they used to run horrorfilms on TV every night. It was the old black and white classics. Lugosi, Karloff, Chaney jr. These were the ones I grew up with.

Later on I started going to the movies with a friend. We weren’t old enough but nobody ever asked and after a while we had been there so often we were seen as regulars. There was this very old guy who stamped the tickets at the door to the theatre and sometimes he would “forget” to stamp our tickets. This meant we could use them again and see the next film for free. I suppose he loved horror movies and appreciated our love for them too.