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Deep Blood

Deep Blood

Filmirage/Variety Film Production, Italy, 1990
AKA: Sangue Negli Abissi, Sharks, Wakan
Director: Raffaele Donato, Joe D’Amato
Writer: George Nelson Ott
Cast: Frank Baroni, Cort McCown, Keith Kelsch, James Camp, Tody Bernard, John K. Brune, Margareth Hanks, Van Jensens, Don Perrin, Claude File, Mitzi McCall, Tom Bernard, Charlie Brill, John K. Burns, Laura Gemser, Robert LaBrosse

This starts off like a Steven King story or something. Four best friends are roasting hot dogs on the beach, and they are like the best friends anyone can have. This guy that looks a lot like Yoda shows up and tells them about some native american curse and how his tribe had to fight Wakan, a monster from the sea. He gives the boys a box with old arrowheads. After cutting themselvs and mixing their blood to be bloodbrothers they bury their knives along with the box. I didn’t really get why, but maybe Yoda was like the last of the mohikans and the boys were to take over his tribes job of fighting this monster.

Next it’s ten or so years later and the four friends are in their late teens and everyone is home for the summer. A woman, who’s young son is on the beach and witness it all, is the first victim to Wakan who is indeed a monster from the sea. Wakan really stands out and You could easily spot him in a pool full of Great Whites, since he has a dark fin. Next he kills John, one of the four friends, and the sharkhunt is on.

It doesn’t take long before a shark is caught and killed. The water is safe again and everyone is happy except for Miki, one of the four friends. He insists they got the wrong shark, since it’s got a white fin. Nobody listens to him until a young woman is killed. So the sharkhunt is on once again. The remaining three friends dig up the box of arrowheads, load a boat up with explosives and head out to sea. They have some sort of “shark attractor” that beeps and flashes a little lamp, so they rig the explosives up and starts the beeper to lure Wakan into the trap.

Deep Blood is a very pale copy of Jaws, and if I had to descrbe it in one word it would be boring. It’s not terribly bad. It’s just that nothing happens. It’s more of a relation drama than a horror film and it’s very much people talking about their problems in life and very little sharks and killings. The musical score is extremely anoying and I was afraid it would drive me mad before the film was over. Could somebody please harpoon the guy with the synth?

If You forget about sheriff Brody, I mean Cody and the science guy when they are in the lab and look at the female assistant You might recognize Emanuelle. She keeps her back to the camera and she’s wearing clothes so she’s easy to miss.

Oh, and Wakan is supposed to be a Great White. He can’t be more than two meters so I’d say he is only a “Small White”, or maybe just a baby shark.

My verdict: 3 out of 10.

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