Strippers vs. Werewolves

Black & Blue Films, UK, 2012
Director: Jonathan Glendening
Writer: Pat Higgins, Phillip Barron
Cast: Adele Silva, Martin Compston, Billy Murray, Ali Bastian, Barbara Nedeljakova, Sarah Douglas, Simon Phillips, Martin Kemp, Alan Ford, Charlie Bond, Nick Nevern, Rita Ramnani, Steven Berkoff, Robert Englund, Lysette Anthony, Marc Baylis, Joe Egan, Jude Poyer, Dean Williams, Gloria Savage, Lucy Pinder, Sabine Jemeljanova, Nick Onsloe, Coralie Rose, Racula Petrescu, Dominic Burns, Hannah Greeno, Billy Chainsaw, David Hayles, Andy Biddle, Martin Kray, Monique Brown, Jazz Lintott, Martin Alexander, Les Allen, Peter Barrett, Ben Ross, Andy Taylor, Alex Esmail, Kieran Cox, Patricia Rybarczyk, Lee Asquith-Coe, Nick Gordon, Dean Higgins, Mo Idriss, Lewis James, Shaun Lucas, Darren Luckin, Scott Matthews, Damien McPhillips, Keith Milner, Jeremy Oliver, Atul Sharma, Antti Siegmann, James Singer, Colin Burt Vidler, Chris Knight, Johnny Lynch

Justice is a stripper and while doing a private show for a customer he gets extremely arousted and jumps her. She accidently kills him by stabbing him with a silver pen. The strippers and staff sneaks the body out of the club to dispose of it. It turns out the dead guy was part of the mob, and his gang is soon out for revenge. To make things worse they are no ordinary mobsters but werewolves.

Apart from having killed a werewolf, Justice has some problems in her personal life. Her boyfriend doesn’t know she’s a stripper and he has asked her to marry him. While having sex she bites his shoulder and ever since she’s feeling nauceus and sick now and then. She’s not the only one keeping secrets, though. She never told him she is a stripper and he, on the other hand, never told her he is a mobster and a werewolf. One of the other girls at the club, who is a Goth, has some problems with her boyfriend too. He is a paranormal investigator which just might come in handy when the werewolves are out for You. Jeanette, the owner of the club, has had werewolf problems in the past and she knows the wolves are going to attack as soon as they have tracked the killer down.

Strippers vs. Werewolves is more of a comedy than a horrorfilm. To be honest it’s rather silly, but I absolutely love it. Somehow I knew as soon as it started and nothing changed my mind.

The film is full of oneliners, filmbuff jokes and references to other films in general and werewolf films in particular. There’s for instance the H. M. Chaney Prison, one of the werewolves shouts “Little pig, little pig, let me in..” before he breaks down the door to an appartment. And then theres the “Little Red Riding Hood dance” at the stripclub when the wolves arrives.

Strippers vs. Werewolves only took in 38 pounds at the UK box-office when it was released, and it’s got a mere 3/10 at IMDb. I think that’s a shame and I honestly think it deserves to be a future cult classic.

My verdict: 6 out of 10.

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