Bloody Mary 3D

Tom Cat Films, Sterling Entertainment, USA, 2011
AKA: Bloody Mary: The Legend Returns, Bloody Mary
Director: Charlie Vaughn
Writer: Keith Parker
Cast: Veronica Ricci, Alena Savostikova, Derek Jameson, Bear Badeaux, Shannon Bobo, Michael Simon, Natalie Shaheen, Ryan Barry, Genna Mc’Cohen, Shawn C. Phillips, Brittney Parker Rose, Diane Jay Gonzalez, Kevin E. Scott, Shay Golden, Ron Jeremy, Brinke Stevens

Our story begins in Los Angeles in 1904, in a small run down house. Oddly enough the house is surrounded by chain link fences, a modern mailbox and You can even se a plastic chair on the lawn. Inside the house, Mary Worth and her girlfriend is getting naked and making out on the bed. Both of them with wellmanicured long painted fingernails and with hairless crotches and armpits. I’m not complaining, but I doubt that was the fashion of the times. As Mary gets her nipples sucked and her pussy licked I started to think this wasn’t horror at all but a softcore porno. But then Marys husband shows up and by not joining them in bed proves me wrong. Instead he goes into a religious homophobic rant and ends up stabbing both girls to death.

Jump to present time. Rockstar Matt Elias, who happens to be a descendant of Mary Worths husband/murderer is making a music video. Two stupid girls break into the premises. One of them tells the other of the urban legend of Mary Worth being trapped in a mirror and by saying Bloody Mary three times in front of a mirror they set her free. The rest of the story is Bloody Mary killing everyone on the premises one by one. Sometimes naked splattered with blood, sometimes in panties and sometimes even wearing clothes. We also get to se the music video to the song “Ribcage” from Matt Elias a couple of times probably to make the film a little longer.

All in all, Bloody Mary 3D is pretty worthless. What did I like about it? Well, Victoria Ricci was naked, The song “I believe in Bloody Mary” by Creepersin and the punkish opening credits. What didn’t I like about it? Pretty much everything else to be honest.

My verdict: 2 out of 10. (Without the Creepersin song it would have been lower.)

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